Sushmita Banerjee

Director and Guru

Sushmita Banerjee is a renowned Kathak dancer in India, widely recognized for her exceptional skills and performances worldwide. She began her Kathak training at the age of four in the Lucknow Gharana and has since trained under several accomplished gurus, including Pandit Ramnarayan Mishra, Shrimati Maya Chatterjee, and Pandit Vijay Shankar. Sushmita has performed in various countries across Europe, Africa, North America, South - East Asia, and India and has established centers in Kolkata, Kerala, and Geneva. As an artist, Sushmita Banerjee is dedicated to promoting and preserving the rich cultural heritage of Kathak. She has revived the Katha Shaili of Kathak, a narrative style that emphasizes storytelling through dance, under the tutelage of the legendary Birju Maharaj. Her efforts have contributed to the evolution of the art form, inspiring many aspiring dancers to follow in her footsteps. Sushmita Banerjee's contributions to the field of Kathak are significant, and her artistry continues to inspire and influence dancers worldwide. With her passion, dedication, and exceptional talent, Sushmita has cemented her place as one of the most distinguished Kathak exponents in India.

Choreographic Works
  • Africa - A piece based on Tagore's "Africa"
  • Abhishar - A piece based on Tagore's "Abhishar"
  • Kumarsambhavam - Written by Kalidasa, produced on request of Princess Chakri of Thailand
  • Hanuman - Adapted from the Ramayana
  • Gauhar Jaan - A tribute to the songstress, dancer entertainer par excellence

All of the above choreographic works/productions have been aided by Ministry of Culture and Human Resources

  • Emeritus Fellowship - Ministry of Clture & Human Resources
  • Sringarmani from Sur Sringar Sansad,Mumbai
  • Arya Natya Samaj - West Bengal
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